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Why Be a Diver?

Nature Cam

The next time you feel like taking a walk in the woods, bring a video camera. Set it on a rock, point it in any direction and leave it run for an hour, unattended. When you examine the tape, you will see something amazing.

The birds and animals who are nowhere to be seen when you are present come out surprising numbers once you are gone.

Reef Fish

This is in stark contrast to what we see under water. The fish and other animals are everywhere. And, as long as you remain out of arm’s reach, they are pretty much content to ignore you. This means you are more likely to see animals in their natural habitat under water than you are above it.

This is but one of many reasons why you need to stop being stuck on land and get under water. Want more reasons? How about these:

  • See the Other Two Thirds of Planet Earth: Less than a third of our planet’s surface is above water. Staying on land is like never leaving the house: You’ll be clueless when it comes to the world around you. Diving isn’t like visiting another planet; it’s like finally getting to experience this one.
  • Quit Being Stuck in Two Dimensions: Divers are scofflaws. They blithely ignore the law of gravity, moving effortlessly in three dimensions instead of two. If you want to experience the freedom of weightlessness, diving is a lot more affordable than paying $20 million to be stuck in a tin can with a bunch of Russians for a month.
  • Make New Friends: It isn’t just about seeing sharks up close and personal. You can pet a manta ray, swim with whale sharks, cuddle up with an eel or hand feed a grouper. But you will never do any of these things if you stay stuck on dry land.

Be adventurous. Be amazed. Be a diver.

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